Practicum Speaker Bio

A former atheist and self-sufficient feminist, Heather’s path was irrevocably altered in 1990 when she recognized her life was on a soul-bankrupting path. Surrendering and filling out the back of a Gideon Bible her grandmother had given her years earlier, Heather laid her old life down and rose to walk in newness of life. An engineering graduate from the University of Louisville, Heather’s career path took a turn after the birth of their first child when she was introduced to the idea of homeschooling. Early in her homeschooling journey, Heather was introduced to the classical Christian model of education and shares its secrets and sufficiency with parents across the nation. A former Precept study teacher, Heather has taught and spoken at women’s conferences, as well as parent workshops and practicums. With a contagious passion for learning, speaking, teaching, and educating her children, she inspires and encourages others in their walk with Him and in their home-education journey.
Heather enjoys writing, speaking, and teaching, and currently serves as Executive Director of Classical Conversations MultiMedia’s leadership team. Heather and her husband Ed live in NC, where they teach and disciple their children to use their lives and talents for the glory of God. You can learn more about Heather on her blog:  Sanctified Woman

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